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NFT/Founding Agents
Founding Agents

Founding Agents

Floor PriceETHEREUM0.049999$158.703
Founding Agents Market Cap.$159,242.91
Total NFT M.Cap$?
Daily Volume Traded?
N. of Owners200
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About Founding Agents

Founding Agents supply the entire ecosystem with Digits Coins, the ecosystem currency

  • Limited supply of 999. Forever.
  • Yield Digits Coins: Founding Agents are the only continuous source of Digits Coins, supplying the entire ecosystem
  • Passive income: Sell Digits Coins to 9999 Digits Agents every day in exchange of eth. The more demand, the more expensive Digits Coins will be.
  • Have guaranteed allocations in seed investment deals (the more Agents, the bigger the allocation)
  • Boost your yield exponentially by staking more than 1 Founding Agent. The more FAs you stake, the bigger your daily yield per FA. Details and formula: (
  • Access to the exclusive Headquarter channel in Digits Club discord

Founding Agents items

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