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NFT/Cheers UP
Cheers UP

Cheers UP

Floor PriceETHEREUM0.082099$255.113
Cheers UP Market Cap.$1,008,142.81
Total NFT M.Cap$?
Daily Volume Traded?
N. of Owners1,528
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About Cheers UP

Cheers UP is a series of NFTs commissioned by bilibili. It is a new & oversea collection which launched in CryptoNatty. Cheers UP are programmatically generated characters, each with an amazing and unique design. The Cheers are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

We're sailing together on a sea of adventures What we'll meet? Nobody knows for sure! But whether it be sad, happy, rugged or a smooth sail, we're together - forever, to celebrate the adventure! Cheers! For the Love, Peace, and Dreams!

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cryptocurrency widget, price, heatmap
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