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NFT/Spit Buddies
Spit Buddies

Spit Buddies

Floor PriceETHEREUM0.16$617.674
Spit Buddies Market Cap.$123,160
Total NFT M.Cap$?
Daily Volume Traded$546.064
N. of Owners90
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About Spit Buddies

Two giants collide, after numerous failed experiments the spit buddy was born. A symbiotic hybrid spawned from some of the biggest innovators in the space unlocking not one but two frontiers of access, utility and community.

Your Spit Buddy unlocks access to both communities, their future and existing utilities as well as their products. Each also generates both of the ecosystem’s tokens - $SPIT and $JIRAx. With art inspired and founded upon both of the existing collections and styles.

Spit Buddies items

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