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NFT/Silks Thoroughbred Racehorses (Unrevealed) 2022
Silks Thoroughbred Racehorses (Unrevealed) 2022

Silks Thoroughbred Racehorses (Unrevealed) 2022

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Silks Thoroughbred Racehorses (Unrevealed) 2022 Market Cap.$?
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N. of Owners152
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About Silks Thoroughbred Racehorses (Unrevealed) 2022

Game of Silks is a next-generation fantasy sports game that promotes collaboration between racehorse owners, horse farms, and land developers to optimize valuable rewards and offset risk in the high-stakes world of thoroughbred horseracing.

Each year 20,000 thoroughbred racehorses are born in the U.S. and compete annually for over $1,000,000,000 in prize money.

Silks tokenizes each IRL racehorse into a collectable digital in-game asset when they turn one year old. Each Silks racehorse represents an actual IRL racehorse and tracks its training, racing, and breeding performance throughout its life. Owning a Silk racehorse is like drafting a fantasy football player except you actually own the ‘player’ for its entire 20+ year life. You can create a syndicate to share its ownership with others, stable your horse in a farm to pool your winnings with other horses, and sell it at any time. You win valuable prizes every time the underlying IRL horse wins races and breeds.

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