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NFT/Silks - Horse
Silks - Horse

Silks - Horse

Floor PriceETHEREUM0.018395$66.0327
Silks - Horse Market Cap.$563,384.08
Total NFT M.Cap$?
Daily Volume Traded?
N. of Owners882
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About Silks - Horse

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The Game of Silks is the first gaming platform that leverages a blockchain-enabled metaverse to parallel the real world of thoroughbred horse racing. In the Silks Metaverse every player can experience the thrill of owning racehorses and horse farms while reaping real cash profits when the real life counterpart wins a race and earns breeding fees.

Silks Thoroughbred racehorses is the collection of all racehorses that have been added to the game so far. The value of the horse is tied directly to the prospective amount the real world horse will earn in its 20+ year career of racing and breeding. To start building your racing dynasty go to

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