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NFT/Tokyo's Midnight | 東京の真夜中
Tokyo's Midnight | 東京の真夜中

Tokyo's Midnight | 東京の真夜中

Floor PriceETHEREUM0.25999$528.151
Tokyo's Midnight | 東京の真夜中 Market Cap.$70,340.97
Total NFT M.Cap$?
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N. of Owners123
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About Tokyo's Midnight | 東京の真夜中

[ TOKYO'S MIDNIGHT | 東京の真夜中 ] is a visual love letter to that place that made me fall in love with Tokyo, and also to the community that made me grow as an artist in web3, Moonbirds.

This very place full of energy, overwhelmingly tall buildings, oceans of people, and billborads that light up the streets creating an unforgettable neon night memory that gets imprinted in anyone’s soul that has had the privilege to experience it, and those who haven’t, have probably seen similar references in movie, tv shows, or books...

By making use of cinematography, and a triptych layout, I create three different points of view of the same moment happening at the same time, this is done with the goal of triggering a sense of immersion by the viewer who ends up imagining the rest of the story.

EDITION DROP By: Ilan Derech Collaboration With: PROOF Collective Location: Tokyo, Japan Shot on: Leica Q2 Year: 2023

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