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NFT/Babyfit Genesis
Babyfit Genesis

Babyfit Genesis

Floor PriceETHEREUM0.197$312.724
Babyfit Genesis Market Cap.$286,912.16
Total NFT M.Cap$?
Daily Volume Traded$647.58
N. of Owners393
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About Babyfit Genesis

BabyFit Genesis is a collection of 1,500 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain created by DEFIT. The leading web3 Fitness & Lifestyle brand rewarding people for leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

The collection was designed by the world-renowned artist Samy Halim.

Each unique character has its own sport specialty and set of attributes unleashing the power of web3 player mode within DEFIT fitness mobile application.

The BabyFit are ready to put the world in motion, spread joy and happiness! 💙 ⚡️Get yours, stay young!

Visit for more details.

Babyfit Genesis items

cryptocurrency widget, price, heatmap
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