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News/Can You Really Own a Screenshot of an NFT?

Can You Really Own a Screenshot of an NFT?

Van Thanh Le

Sep 27 2023

9 months ago5 minutes read
Robot holding a digital certificate, emphasizing why you should do not screenshot NFT

Table of Contents

SectionKey Points
Why is the topic of NFT screenshots so captivating?The NFT market is booming, and the idea of screenshotting an NFT raises intriguing questions about ownership and value. It's a paradox that's got everyone talking.
The Basics of NFTs and ScreenshotsNFTs are unique digital assets backed by blockchain. Screenshots can't capture the value or authenticity of an NFT. The section breaks down why, covering aspects like originality, ownership, scarcity, and utility.
The Value PropositionNFTs offer unique value propositions compared to traditional art. They're versatile, granting reselling rights and even royalties. They're also evolving to include real-world assets.
Ethical and Legal ConsiderationsScreenshotting and selling NFTs could be copyright infringement. The legal landscape is still murky, and there are ethical concerns like diluting the NFT's value and fake NFT stores.

Why is the topic of NFT screenshots so captivating?

Digital artist creating an NFT, highlighting the debate on whether you can screenshot an NFT and sell it (1).webp

The NFT market was valued at $41 billion in 2021 and is projected to surpass $147 billion by 2026. Ever wondered why the mere mention of screenshotting an NFT sends ripples through the crypto community? It's like asking if you can photocopy a Picasso and sell it as your own! 

The allure lies in the paradox: NFTs are digital assets, easily copied but uniquely owned. This duality sparks endless debates and curiosity. 

Can you screenshot an NFT and sell it? Well, that's the million-dollar—or should we say, million-Ether—question that we're about to dissect. Buckle up; you're in for a ride through the complex world of NFTs and their pixelated doppelgängers.

The Basics of NFTs and Screenshots

Person holding open and closed locks, suggesting that you should feel free to screenshot NFT for personal use but not for resale (1).webp

What's the Big Deal About NFTs Anyway?

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are the digital world's golden tickets. Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, each NFT is unique, carrying distinct information that makes it irreplaceable. This uniqueness has turned NFTs into the ultimate collector's item for the digital age. 

They're not just JPEGs or GIFs; they're digital assets verified by blockchain technology. So, when you hear about NFT screenshots, remember that a screenshot can capture the image but not the value or authenticity that comes with owning an NFT.

Why Can't a Screenshot Replace an NFT?

So, you're wondering if a screenshot can stand in for an NFT? Spoiler alert: it can't. Let's break down why.

OriginalityUnique digital asset with a one-of-a-kind serial number.A mere clone, lacking any unique identifiers.
OwnershipBlockchain-backed proof of ownership.No way to prove you're the legit owner.
Scarcity and RarityCan be as rare as a blue moon, adding to its value.Common as dirt, holds no real value.
Utility and CommunityCan serve as a VIP pass to exclusive events or communities.Won't get you past any digital velvet ropes.

In essence, asking "can NFT be screenshot" is like asking if a photocopy of the Mona Lisa is as valuable as the original. 

feel free to screenshot nft (1).webp
A 'Feel free to screenshot NFT' meme. Source: iFunny

How Does Blockchain Prove NFT Ownership?

Blockchain isn't just a buzzword; it's the backbone of NFT authenticity. Here's how:

  • Security through Blocks: Think of blockchain as a digital fortress. It uses a chain of blocks to keep records that are as immutable as they are secure.
  • Decentralized Tech: No single entity holds the reins here. This decentralization makes the data incorruptible.
  • Smart Contracts and Digital Signatures: These are the gatekeepers. Smart contracts automate the deal terms, and unique digital signatures make NFTs tamper-proof.

So, the next time you think about screenshotting NFT art, remember that the blockchain ensures that an NFT is more than just pixels; it's a digital asset with layers of security and authenticity.

What's the Role of Smart Contracts in NFTs?

Smart contracts are the unsung heroes in the NFT realm, adding layers of complexity and security. They automate agreements, nixing the need for middlemen and slashing error rates. 

So, when you think "do not screenshot NFT," remember that smart contracts make each NFT a secure, transparent, and multi-functional digital asset, revolutionizing everything from art to finance. They're not just jumbles of code; they're the architects of digital trust.

The Value Proposition

Judge's gavel and computer mouse, illustrating the legal risks of NFT screenshots (1).webp

Is Digital Art Less Valuable Than Physical Art?

Digital art thrives on its blockchain-backed uniqueness and shareability. It's like the Snapchat of art—here today, reshaped tomorrow. Its value? As volatile as crypto coin prices

Physical art, the OG, gains value through tangible craftsmanship and history. But it can degrade over time. So, can you sell a screenshot as an NFT and expect the same intrinsic value as a physical piece? Not quite.

What Makes NFTs More Than Just Pixels?

NFTs are the Swiss Army knives of digital assets. Feel free to screenshot an NFT, but you won't capture its real essence. Owning one is like holding a VIP pass to the digital realm, granting you reselling rights and even royalties.

But there's more. NFTs are evolving to include real-world assets like property or exclusive experiences, such as fan engagement for sports NFTs. Imagine an NFT that's a ticket to your favorite K-Pop concert.

Lastly, asset-backed NFTs are the future. They serve as digital deeds for real-world assets, making them incredibly versatile. So, NFTs aren't just digital art; they're a gateway to a universe of possibilities.

Ethical and Legal Considerations

Warning sign on a phone, questioning if you can sue someone for screenshotting your NFT (1).webp

Can You Screenshot an NFT and Sell It?

Ah, the million-dollar question: can you screenshot an NFT and sell it? Let's delve into the legality first. NFTs are more than just pixels on a screen; they're protected by intellectual property laws. Screenshotting and reselling them could be considered copyright infringement

But here's the twist: the legal landscape for NFTs is still like the Wild West. Intellectual property laws concerning NFTs haven't been fully tested in court, making this a gray area teeming with risks.

Now, let's pivot to ethics. Snapping a screenshot and sharing it without proper credit can dilute the NFT's value and recognition. It's not just about the law; it's about respecting the original creator's rights. 

Moreover, the presence of fake NFT stores that sell screenshots poses ethical concerns. These sham stores not only deceive buyers but also undermine the integrity of the NFT marketplace.

Can You Sue Someone for Screenshotting Your NFT?

So, you've stumbled upon an NFT that caught your eye, and you're wondering, "What if I just screenshot this?" Hold up! While taking a screenshot isn't illegal per se, trying to sell it could land you in a legal quagmire. 

Copyright laws are no joke, and the original NFT owner could actually sue you for infringement. In essence, you're not just capturing pixels; you're capturing someone's intellectual property. So, think twice before you hit that screenshot button with the intent to monetize.

What's the Meme Around 'Delete That Screenshot'?

Ah, the internet, the birthplace of memes that make us question everything, including the value of NFTs. Memes like "Delete That Screenshot" poke fun at the paradox of owning something so easily replicable. 

These memes aren't just Twitter chatter; they've infiltrated multiple platforms, from Reddit to TikTok. It's as if the digital world is throwing shade at the NFT craze, asking, "Why buy when you can screenshot?"

delete that screenshot NFT meme
Source: Reddit

Above is the 'Delete that screenshot' meme that previously went viral on Reddit. And here is its context:

Delete that screenshot

FAQs About NFT Screenshots

1. Can I take a screenshot and sell it as an NFT?

While you technically can screenshot an NFT and attempt to sell it, doing so could land you in legal hot water. It's generally considered unethical and could be a violation of copyright laws. Always respect the original creator's rights.

2. Is it illegal to screenshot an NFT?

Screenshotting an NFT for personal use is generally not illegal, but selling or distributing it without permission could be. Copyright laws protect the original creator, so tread carefully.

3. What makes an NFT different from a screenshot?

An NFT is unique and comes with a digital certificate of authenticity via blockchain technology. A screenshot is just a visual copy, lacking the metadata and smart contracts that give an NFT its value.

4. How do smart contracts add value to NFTs?

Smart contracts automate the ownership and transfer process, making it secure and transparent. They can also add functionalities like royalties for the original creator. It's a layer of trust that a screenshot can't replicate.


So, can you screenshot an NFT and sell it? Technically, yes—but it's a murky ethical and legal territory. Understanding the nuances of NFT screenshots is crucial, especially in a world where digital ownership is becoming increasingly complex. 

If you're tempted to screenshot an NFT, remember that you're missing out on the unique attributes and smart contracts that make NFTs valuable. It's not just about pixels; it's about provenance and ownership. So, before you hit that screenshot button, consider the broader implications. After all, in the crypto world, not everything that glitters is gold.

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