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News/Unlock Early Crypto Gains: How to Buy New Tokens Before They List

Unlock Early Crypto Gains: How to Buy New Tokens Before They List

Van Thanh Le

May 8 2024

2 months ago5 minutes read
Robot stands amid crypto tokens, showing how to find new crypto early

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How to Get in on Pre-Listing Crypto Gems

The thrill of the hunt. The potential for explosive gains. The chance to be part of something groundbreaking. These are the forces that drive investors towards the clandestine world of pre-listing crypto purchases. What if you could snag a piece of the action before the masses? 

Pre-listed cryptos offer a thrilling opportunity to invest in these early ventures, potentially reaping significant rewards when they hit the mainstream. Intrigued? Let's dive into the captivating world of how to buy new crypto before listing and acquiring crypto before it hits the big leagues.

Where to Discover New Crypto Before Listing

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How Can Social Media Guide You to New Crypto?

The hunt for the next big cryptocurrency can be thrilling, but where do you even begin? Look no further than the dynamic world of social media! Here's how to find new crypto before listing by leveraging its potential:

Follow the Crypto Crusaders

Influencers and trending topics can offer a glimpse into promising, pre-mainstream projects. Remember the GROK memecoin? Inspired by Elon Musk’s X venture into AI (though not officially affiliated), it quickly soared to a $160M market cap in just eight days. Following these trends allows you to gauge public sentiment and potential project hype – a strong early community can be a game-changer.


Become a Hashtag/Keyword Hero

Dive into the Twitterverse and explore keywords or hashtags like "#presale" and "#upcomingIDO" (remember to sort by "Latest"). These gateways lead to discussions and announcements about new crypto offerings, potentially granting you early access to promising ventures. For instance, a mid-March search for "presale" might have revealed BOME's presale by Darkfarms.

Souce: Darkfarms1/ X

Nevertheless, "pump and dump" schemes and fake influencer accounts are prevalent. Be wary of presales conducted outside secure, third-party platforms. These lack guarantees that investors will receive tokens after sending funds, making them riskier due to the potential for the project creator to disappear with the money. 

A late April report by ZachXBT revealed that 12 Solana presale memecoins, which raised $26.7 million, were deserted within just one month. Thorough research is always crucial before investing in any presale.

Which Crypto Websites Offer Reliable Launch Information?

Presale and launchpad platforms are your secret weapon for accessing new tokens before they hit major exchanges. If you're wondering where to buy new crypto before listing, here are some top contenders to bookmark:

  • CoinLaunch: A go-to for tracking token launches. Filter by chain or launch type (IDO, ICO, IEO) and get direct links to projects.
  • Ape O'Clock: Specializes in DeFi projects and IDOs, providing key analytics and launch information.
  • Launchpad Listings: Websites like offer comprehensive lists of upcoming launches. 
  • Niche Platforms: Explore sites like for Solana-based presales. offers early stage tokens not yet on DEXs, using a bonding curve for trading new tokens. Meanwhile, launchpads like Ape Terminal, Solanium and StarLaunch are also noteworthy for multi-chain launches.

Discerning Quality Investments

  • Review Platform Reputation: Choose platforms known for factual reporting and a solid track record.
  • Scrutinize Details: Dive into the whitepaper and team backgrounds. Lack of detail is a warning sign.
  • Beware of Hype: Steer clear of projects promising sky-high returns with little substance.
  • Check Independent Reviews: Seek out unbiased insights from reputable crypto news outlets.
  • Investigate Social Presence: Genuine community engagement often indicates a project's credibility.

How to Find New Crypto Coins Early with Crypto Forums?

One way to potentially find new cryptocurrency projects early is by engaging with active online communities. Forums like Reddit can provide insights into upcoming ventures, though a critical mindset is essential.

Here’s a straightforward take on why these platforms are essential for investors seeking early opportunities:

  • Insightful Discussions: Early whispers about new projects often surface here, giving you a leg up in identifying promising investments.
  • Expertise Sharing: Engage with seasoned enthusiasts who offer technical analyses and firsthand experiences, enriching your understanding of potential risks and rewards.
  • Community Feedback: Observing community sentiment provides a real-time pulse on projects, helping you spot red flags and promising signs.

From personal experience, a random search on the r/Solana subreddit led me to several legitimate presale platforms and alerted me to the typical pitfalls, such as promotional shills and confirmation biases. This proactive approach helped refine my investment strategy—always double-check facts and maintain a critical mindset to sift through the noise effectively.

Comments in a topic about Solana presale (NFA).

The Strategy of Sniping Tokens at Launch

Token sniping is a trading strategy that involves purchasing new cryptocurrencies the moment they are listed on a decentralized exchange (DEX). The goal is to capitalize on the initial low prices and potential price surges that often occur when a new token is first listed.

Snipers aim to buy the token before the wider market becomes aware of the listing, allowing them to benefit from the price inefficiencies that exist in the early stages. Once the token gains more exposure and liquidity, the market typically corrects, and the price advantage diminishes.

To execute this strategy successfully, traders employ specialized tools and bots designed to detect new token listings and execute trades at lightning speed. Some popular sniping tools include:

  • Automated Sniper Bots: Typically found on platforms like Telegram, these bots execute purchases based on predefined market conditions.
  • Due Diligence Tools: Platforms like Dexscreener,, Dextools, and ListingSpy are crucial for verifying token launches. Some trading bots also run their own group/channel to inform investors about new token introductions in real time.
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Banana Gun's new listing bot.

Risks Involved

  • High VolatilityPrices can plummet just as rapidly as they surge post-launch.
  • Potential Scams: Beware of "pump and dump" schemes that lure snipers with initial hikes, and other types of scams in which fraudulent actors disappear with investors’ provided liquidity. 
  • Technical Challenges: Success depends on quick, flawless execution. Delays or glitches can be costly.
  • Brief Opportunities: The window to profit from sniping is typically very short, with prices stabilizing swiftly.

For those interested in this approach, we have a curated list of top crypto trading bots on Telegram to help streamline your strategy: Top Telegram Crypto Trading Bots.

While sniping can be lucrative, it demands fast action, thorough research, and a readiness to face significant risks.

How to Securely Invest in New Cryptos

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What Are Crypto Launchpads and How Do They Work?

Crypto launchpads are platforms that facilitate the secure and regulated launch of new cryptocurrency projects. They play a crucial role in vetting potential projects, raising funds, building communities, and ensuring initial liquidity. Here's how these launchpads operate and how you might engage in forthcoming token sales, specifically focusing on how to buy new crypto before listing.

Vetting and Launching New Tokens

Launchpads thoroughly assess the viability of projects before listing them on their platform. This process involves:

  • Project Vetting: Evaluating the project's whitepaper, team, technology, and business model to ensure legitimacy and potential success.
  • Fundraising & Community Building: Assisting projects in raising capital and fostering a supportive community around their initiatives.
  • Token Distribution & Liquidity: Facilitating the fair distribution of new tokens and ensuring sufficient liquidity for trading at launch.

Registration, Investment, and Participation

To participate in a token sale through a launchpad, you'll typically follow these steps:

  1. Account Creation: Create an account on the platform, or connect your wallet to the launchpad’s website.
  2. Tier System (Optional): Some launchpads offer a tiered system, providing benefits like guaranteed allocations or higher contribution limits to users holding their native platform token.
  3. Project Research & Due Diligence: Thoroughly research the project, its team, and roadmap before committing to an investment.
  4. Investment Commitment: Specify the amount you wish to invest, keeping in mind any allocation limits imposed by the launchpad.

Launchpads employ various methods for token distribution, including:

  • Lottery System: A fair lottery system is used to distribute tokens among participants.
  • Guaranteed Allocation: Certain participants, often those holding the platform token, are guaranteed a specific allocation.
  • First Come, First Served (FCFS): Tokens are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis until the allocation pool is filled.

How to Participate in Crypto Presales Safely?

Participating in crypto presales can be a lucrative opportunity to get in on promising projects at an early stage. However, it's crucial to approach these investments with caution and due diligence.

Conducting Thorough Research

  1. Discover Presales: Search for upcoming presales on social media platforms like Reddit, Discord, and dedicated Telegram channels. Crypto launchpads are also excellent sources.
  2. Evaluate the Project: Assess the team's credibility, the project's use cases, market potential, and roadmap. Look for red flags like anonymity or a history of failed projects.
  3. Join Communities and Whitelists: Some projects require you to join their whitelist or community to participate in the presale.

Understanding Tokenomics and Roadmap

Before investing, it's essential to comprehend the project's tokenomics and roadmap thoroughly. Analyze factors such as:

  • Token distribution and vesting schedules
  • Use cases and utility within the project's ecosystem
  • Development milestones and timelines
  • Long-term vision and growth potential

Secure Wallet Preparation

Ensure you have a secure and compatible wallet ready to receive the presale tokens. Research the blockchain the project is built on and prepare a compatible wallet accordingly.


  • Reading the Fine Print: Conduct thorough research, read reviews, and don't be afraid to walk away if something feels off.
  • Curbing the Hype Train: Extraordinary claims often hide ordinary projects. Focus on the project's fundamentals, not just the hype.
  • Diversification is Key: Spread your presale investments across different projects to minimize risk. Only invest what you're comfortable potentially losing.

What Should You Know About Crypto Airdrops?

Have you ever heard of getting free crypto just for, well, being you? That's the magic of airdropsBlockchain projects use airdrops as a strategic tool to spread awareness, jumpstart their communities, and incentivize early adoption.

Here's how it works: projects distribute their native tokens for free to a targeted audience. This audience can be qualified in a few ways:

  • Holding Power: Prove your loyalty by holding a specific token in your wallet for a set time (think holding Ethereum for an airdrop on a new DeFi project).
  • Social Media Savvy: Get active by following the project on Twitter or Telegram, spreading the word, and engaging with their content.
  • Early Bird Participation: Be among the first to test their network (testnet) or participate in on-chain governance activities.
I claimed my STRK not long after launch.

Finding the Golden Tickets

While airdrops sound like a free lunch, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Do Your Research: Every airdrop has its own set of rules. Always head to the project's website or official social media channels to understand the qualification criteria and avoid scams. Remember, legitimate projects will never ask for your private keys or seed phrases.
  • Patience is a Virtue: Some airdropped tokens might have vesting periods, meaning they'll gradually unlock over time, encouraging long-term holding.
  • Tax Time: Depending on your location, airdropped tokens may be considered taxable income. Consult a tax advisor for specific guidance.

Personally, I've been fortunate to receive airdrops from projects like EigenLayer, Jupiter, and Starknet simply by being an active user of their protocols. Participating in both testnets and mainnets, while staying updated on airdrop opportunities, can be a rewarding way to explore the latest developments in the crypto space.

Remember, a little research and engagement can go a long way in unlocking these free crypto gems!


The world of pre-listing crypto offers a chance to be an early investor and potentially reap significant rewards. By staying informed through social media, forums, and launchpads, you can discover promising projects before they hit the mainstream. Remember, thorough research is crucial. This knowledge empowers you to how to buy new crypto before listing and potentially capitalize on the next crypto revolution.


1. How can I find new crypto coins early?

There are several ways to discover new crypto projects before they hit the big leagues. Social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram are great for following influencers and project communities. Crypto forums like Reddit can also offer valuable insights. Additionally, launchpads specialize in vetting and announcing upcoming token sales.

2. Where can I buy new crypto before listing?

There are a few options for [how to buy new crypto before listing]. Participating in presales allows you to purchase tokens directly from a project before they launch on exchanges. Launchpads also facilitate secure token sales for new ventures. Finally, some decentralized exchanges (DEXs) offer token listings shortly after launch.

3. How do I find new crypto before listing safely?

While exploring new projects, prioritize platforms with a reputation for factual reporting. Conduct thorough research on the project itself, including its team, whitepaper, and roadmap. Beware of unrealistic hype and always verify information through independent sources.

Disclaimer: The information contained within this article is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as providing financial advice. By using this information, you acknowledge that we are not providing professional services and assume full responsibility for how you choose to utilize this content. To make informed decisions, always consult with a qualified professional tailored to your individual circumstances.

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