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News/PolkaCity: The Ultimate Metaverse Game for Earning Passive Income

PolkaCity: The Ultimate Metaverse Game for Earning Passive Income

Apr 14 2023

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Welcome to PolkaCity, the Future of Passive Income Metaverse Gaming

Written by Van - Perfected by ChatGPT



Have you ever dreamt of owning virtual real estate and earning yield while you sleep? Welcome to PolkaCity, the multi-chain metaverse that’s redefining the way we invest, play, and earn through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In this one-of-a-kind metaverse, you’ll find a bustling virtual city where you can purchase virtual taxis, gas stations, and real estate - all while earning passive income in the form of the platform’s native token, POLC. Let’s dive in and explore the unique features that make PolkaCity stand out from the crowd.

PolkaCity Ecosystem: Building a World of Profitable Virtual Assets

At the core of PolkaCity’s success is its robust ecosystem, which includes:

  • Multi-chain metaverse: PolkaCity is built on a multi-chain vision, allowing for seamless integration with various blockchain platforms and the creation of a thriving virtual world. PolkaCity was first launched on the Ethereum network, but later on, a bridge was developed by the team to integrate it with the BNB Smart Chain. This decision was made to cater to the users’ need to pay lower transaction fees, with Polygon as another chain to be integrated recently.
  • NFT-based virtual assets: The platform enables users to buy and sell virtual assets like real estate, taxis, and gas stations, all represented by NFTs.
  • PolkaCity store: The store allows users to mint unique NFTs and participate in the metaverse, opening up a world of possibilities.
  • Virtual city: A fully immersive gaming experience that offers lucrative opportunities for investment and passive income generation.
  • DeFi platform: Users can earn passive income through staking and liquidity provision within the Polkadot network.
  • Metachain One: The zero-fee gaming blockchain and multichain bridge created by PolkaCity to support the platform and offer access to other gaming platforms.
  • POLC token: The native utility token of PolkaCity, used for purchasing goods and services within the metaverse.

Owning the Virtual World: The Advantages of NFTs in Real Estate Ownership

NFTs are revolutionizing the way we think about real estate ownership, offering numerous benefits such as:

  • Fractional ownership: Invest in properties you never thought possible through real estate crowdfunding.
  • Secure records of ownership: Easily traceable and secure records make investing in virtual real estate a breeze.
  • Programmability and automation: Smart contracts embedded in NFTs enable faster, more efficient operations.
  • Improved transparency: NFTs offer a transparent and immutable record of ownership.
  • Fast delivery: Purchasing and transferring virtual real estate has never been simpler.
  • Irrefutable proof of ownership: NFTs provide undeniable evidence of ownership.
  • Bridge between physical and virtual worlds: Some virtual real estate NFTs are tied to real-world properties, creating exciting investment opportunities.

Generating Passive Income in PolkaCity: Sit Back and Watch Your Profits Grow

PolkaCity generates passive income for users through various means:

  • Holding NFTs that represent virtual assets: By simply owning virtual real estate, taxis, or gas stations, users can enjoy a steady income in POLC tokens.
  • Owning and running businesses within the platform: Active incomes come with commissions for activity inside the game, creating more opportunities for profit.
  • Participating in various events and earning cryptocurrency rewards: Users can earn POLC tokens through events like horse racing and poker.

Making Your First Purchase on PolkaCity: How to Buy Items and Land

Ready to dive into PolkaCity and start earning passive income? Here’s how to buy items and land:

  • Purchase POLC tokens: You’ll need POLC tokens to buy virtual assets on PolkaCity.
  • Create a MIM (Metaverse Identity Management) account: Sign up or log in to access the PolkaCity platform and manage your virtual assets.
  • Browse the PolkaCity Asset Marketplace: Find the perfect virtual real estate, taxi, or gas station that fits your investment goals.
  • Buy 2D and 3D/AR assets: Customize your assets by choosing the color and other parameters that suit your preferences.
  • Start earning passive income by holding assets: Once you’ve made your purchase, sit back and watch your passive income grow.

PolkaCity POLC Tokenomics: Understanding the Driving Force Behind PolkaCity


PolkaCity’s native cryptocurrency, POLC, plays a crucial role in the platform’s thriving ecosystem. Here, we delve into the tokenomics of POLC and how it fuels the growth of one of the most promising metaverse games to potentially earn it’s native token passively.

Key Details of PolkaCity’s POLC Tokenomics

  • Total supply: 250,000,000 POLC.
  • Platform: 200,000,000 POLC.
  • Token sale: 10,000,000 POLC.
  • Team: 10,000,000 POLC (6 months lock, 5% monthly release).
  • Liquidity and exchange listings: 25,000,000 POLC.
  • Marketing: 5,000,000 POLC.
  • Token available on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon.

Utility of the POLC Token in the PolkaCity Metaverse

PolkaCity’s tokenomics are designed to incentivize users to hold and use POLC tokens within the platform. POLC is the native utility token of PolkaCity, which is used for purchasing goods and services in the PolkaCity metaverse. POLC has several utilities within the platform, including:

  • Rewards: PolkaCity offers various rewards for users who participate in events such as horse racing and poker. By holding POLC tokens, users can access these metaverse events and potentially earn more tokens.
  • Purchasing virtual assets: POLC can be used to buy metaverse real estate, virtual taxis, and virtual gas stations on PolkaCity. These assets provide a way for users to generate passive income in the metaverse, as they can earn returns based on their asset holdings.
  • Staking: POLC can be staked on PolkaCity to earn passive income through staking and liquidity provision. By staking POLC, users can increase their earnings and enjoy the benefits of a growing PolkaCity price.
  • Governance: POLC holders can participate in the governance of the platform and have a say in the decision-making process. This allows users to contribute to the platform’s growth and influence its future direction.

Unleashing the Potential of PolkaCity: A Unique Metaverse Gaming Experience

PolkaCity stands out as a trailblazer among metaverse games to make passive token yield, offering a one-of-a-kind experience for users seeking to generate income in the virtual world. The platform’s innovative approach to metaverse real estate and passive income metaverse opportunities sets it apart from competitors. Some unique features that contribute to PolkaCity’s distinctiveness include:

  • NFT-based virtual assets: PolkaCity allows users to invest in a thriving virtual city, complete with virtual real estate, taxis, and gas stations, all available as tradeable NFTs on the platform.
  • Passive income generation: PolkaCity offers an aggressive fixed APY for 99 weeks in POLC tokens when users purchase virtual assets, paving the way for consistent passive income. Additionally, owning and operating businesses within the platform can yield active income through commissions on in-game activities.
  • DeFi integration: Deployed on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain and Polygon with more blockchains integration to come, PolkaCity is a DeFi platform that enables users to earn passive income through staking and liquidity provision, further enhancing its appeal.
  • Multi-chain metaverse compatibility: As a multi-chain metaverse, PolkaCity allows users to generate passive income by merely holding NFTs, with support for Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain.
  • Immersive gaming experience: PolkaCity’s unique and engaging gaming environment invites users to invest in virtual assets and enjoy the benefits of passive income generation.
  • Fractional ownership opportunities: By enabling fractional ownership, PolkaCity allows multiple investors to own a share of a property, making previously unattainable investments more accessible and fostering real estate crowdfunding.

With the POLC token fueling the platform’s success and an attractive PolkaCity price for investors, this metaverse offers a gateway to an exciting and profitable virtual experience. Those eager to access the metaverse and benefit from its potential can simply follow the steps outlined earlier in this article to join the PolkaCity community and embark on their virtual journey.

Exciting Developments in the PolkaCity Metaverse


In recent months, the PolkaCity ecosystem has witnessed several exciting developments, making it one of the most innovative metaverse games to generate direct yield. One of these developments is the MetaChain bridge, which provides a gasless metaverse and gaming experience by allowing the easy transfer of cryptocurrency and NFTs between Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and MetaChain One. This has made it easier to access the metaverse and take part in metaverse real estate investments for passive income metaverse opportunities.

PolkaCity has also introduced a new way to experience horse racing through virtual reality technology in their metaverse. The platform offers various earning options through businesses, advertising, and in-game winnings with METAO coins. As the platform evolves, users will also have the option to claim rewards in POLC. The platform promises to maintain its APY earnings and continue to deliver the best metaverse experience.

In February 2023, MetaChain introduced the Open A.I./Chat GPT Companion/Personal Assistant NFT robot to enhance the metaverse experience. It can be purchased exclusively using METAO, obtained through MetaChain swap for POLC METAO. The NFT robot offers METAO staking, providing an opportunity for financial gain. It is an essential tool for navigating the metaverse and is expected to attract more users to the platform.

In April 2023, PolkaCity is organizing two metaverse events: a horse racing party and a free-to-play poker tournament. The horse racing party allows participants to purchase their own racehorse NFTs, join the race, or bet on any of the participating horses. The poker tournament is a free-to-play event with big crypto prizes for the top players. The tournament will have integrated video and audio chat features. Both events are for the PolkaCity community and are 18+ events. The casino NFT owners will share 50% of all casino profits when it is functional in PolkaCity. All sales proceeds from this NFT will go towards mining rigs and POLC Buyback. The poker tournament is a preview event, and gambling in PolkaCity is allowed in countries where it is legally permissible. These developments make PolkaCity an increasingly attractive platform for passive income and entertainment in the metaverse.

FAQ about PolkaCity

  • Q: What is PolkaCity?

A: PolkaCity is a multi-chain metaverse that allows users to generate passive income by holding NFTs representing virtual assets like real estate, taxis, and gas stations.

  • Q: How to buy PolkaCity token?

A: If you’re looking to buy PolkaCity POLC tokens and jump into Polka City, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a cryptocurrency exchange: Choose a reputable exchange where POLC tokens are available for trading. Popular options include KuCoin and Bitfinex.
  2. Sign up and complete verification: Create an account on the chosen exchange, complete any required verification steps, and secure your account with two-factor authentication.
  3. Deposit funds: Deposit your preferred cryptocurrency or fiat currency to fund your account, depending on the available options on the exchange.
  4. Check the PolkaCity price: Before purchasing, keep an eye on the current PolkaCity price to ensure you’re making an informed decision.
  5. Buy POLC tokens: Search for the POLC trading pair (e.g., POLC/ETH or POLC/BNB) and execute a buy order at the desired price.
  6. Store your POLC tokens: Transfer your newly acquired POLC tokens to a secure wallet, such as a hardware wallet or a compatible software wallet.
  • Q: Where to buy PolkaCity?

A: You can buy POLC tokens on various cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Kucoin, and Bitfinex.

  • Q: How to play PolkaCity?

A: PolkaCity offers a unique gaming experience where users can invest in virtual assets, own and run businesses, and participate in various events to earn passive income and cryptocurrency rewards.

  • Q: Is PolkaCity related to Polkadot?

A: Yes, PolkaCity is aimed at building on the Polkadot network, allowing for seamless integration with other blockchain platforms and the creation of a thriving virtual world. It also supports Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon.


In conclusion, PolkaCity stands out as an exceptional metaverse game to potentilly generate yield in, thanks to its unique features and benefits. With its innovative approach to metaverse real estate, the platform offers users an exciting opportunity to earn passive income in the metaverse. The PolkaCity price and POLC token are central to the platform’s thriving ecosystem, enabling users to purchase virtual assets and participate in various activities.

By investing in PolkaCity, you not only gain access to a dynamic and immersive metaverse, but you also have the chance to generate a steady stream of passive income. As a top metaverse gaming project, PolkaCity is an excellent choice for those looking to explore the exciting world of virtual real estate and capitalize on the growing demand for metaverse experiences.

Please note that anything written in this article is not financial advice and should be taken as educational information only. This article does not replace the guidance of a qualified financial advisor, and you should always conduct thorough research and consider seeking professional advice before making any investment decisions.

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