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News/TON's Explosive Growth Overtakes Cardano as Telegram's Vulnerability Exposed

TON's Explosive Growth Overtakes Cardano as Telegram's Vulnerability Exposed

Van Thanh Le

Apr 9 2024

2 months ago3 minutes read
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Toncoin's Meteoric Rise Reshapes the Crypto Landscape

Toncoin (TON), initially part of the Telegram Open Network, has made a remarkable surge, overtaking Cardano (ADA) to become the 9th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. This significant achievement was marked by a 13% daily price increase, pushing TON's market cap to a staggering $23 billion, surpassing ADA's $22 billion.

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The rally was further fueled by the TON Society's allocation of $5 million Toncoin to encourage users to participate in a digital identity verification initiative using palm scanning technology over the next five years. This move aims to distribute one million TON to users engaging in the proof-of-personhood program, potentially driving increased adoption and user engagement. 

Previously, TON's community launched a $115 million incentive program to boost user adoption, which includes token mining, user incentives, airdrops, support for The League developer ecosystem, and liquidity pool enhancements.

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The past month has witnessed a remarkable price surge of over 135% for TON, while ADA has seen a 15% decline. The year-to-date figures are even more striking, with TON's increase reaching 183%, in stark contrast to ADA's 1.30% decrease. This performance not only outshines ADA but also Dogecoin (DOGE), with TON experiencing a 130% rise over the past month compared to DOGE's 14.8% gain.

Toncoin's utility within the Telegram messaging app could be a key factor contributing to its price appreciation as user adoption increases. Unlike Dogecoin, which relies heavily on speculative demand, Toncoin's integration with Telegram's platform and the introduction of a self-custody TON wallet by the messaging app suggest a more sustainable growth trajectory.

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However, concerns have been raised about Toncoin's token distribution, with nearly 61% held by the top 10 holders and 93.2% by the top 100, which may worry retail investors. 

ton distribution.png
Source: Coincarp

Additionally, a healthy correction is possible, and investors are advised to exercise caution and avoid succumbing to the fear of missing out (FOMO) on trending assets.

Despite these potential challenges, Toncoin's resilience to market corrections and its unique association with Telegram suggest a potential for continued growth, especially if it can surpass the psychological resistance level of $7. The crypto market's recovery, led by Ethereum, and Telegram's initiatives to monetize its platform using TON for transactions with channel owners have also contributed to the token's recent 38% price increase within 48 hours.

Telegram's Security Vulnerability: A Wake-up Call for Crypto Users

Amid TON’s impressive rise, the blockchain security firm CertiK has uncovered a high-risk vulnerability within the Telegram Desktop application, raising concerns about the potential for Remote Code Execution (RCE) attacks. This vulnerability stems from Telegram's media processing capabilities, where specially crafted media files, such as images or videos, could exploit the flaw and expose users to malicious attacks.

Telegram's response to the disclosure has been one of refutation, denying the existence of the RCE vulnerability in its clients. However, Yannick Eckl, a crypto enthusiast and grey hat SEO, has noted that the issue with automatic media file downloads leading to RCE attacks is a known problem within the IT security community, albeit not universally acknowledged.

The vulnerability is particularly prevalent in the desktop version of the Telegram app, as the desktop application can directly execute executable programs without requiring signatures, making it more susceptible to such vulnerabilities. To mitigate the risks, CertiK advises users to disable the auto-download feature for photos, videos, and files across all chat types by navigating to "Settings" and then "Advanced" within the Telegram Desktop app.

Telegram has faced similar security challenges in the past, with vulnerabilities discovered in 2023 and 2021 that could compromise user data. The company has been proactive in addressing these issues, maintaining a bug bounty program since 2014 that rewards the discovery and reporting of security flaws, with bounties ranging from $100 to over $100,000 based on the severity.

Telegram's significance in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, offering features for communication, file exchange, and cryptocurrency transactions through its custodial wallet solution, Wallet, underscores the importance of this vulnerability. This incident serves as a wake-up call for the cryptocurrency community, highlighting the ongoing security challenges within the digital communication and cryptocurrency domains.

Secure digital vault with Toncoin tokens vs. chaotic traditional system.webp

Users are advised to exercise caution and proactively address security concerns, particularly when utilizing communication platforms that handle sensitive data or facilitate cryptocurrency transactions. Continuous vigilance and collaboration between developers, security researchers, and users are crucial to maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of the digital ecosystem.


Toncoin's surge in price and user adoption is impressive, but security concerns linger due to Telegram's vulnerability and the token's distribution. Users should exercise caution and prioritize security measures to navigate the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape.


1. What caused Toncoin's recent price increase?

Toncoin's price surge is attributed to a combination of factors including a $5 million incentive program for user verification using palm scanning, Telegram's plan to monetize using Toncoin, and the overall crypto market recovery.

2. What is the security concern with Telegram?

A high-risk vulnerability was discovered in Telegram's desktop app that could allow attackers to exploit users through malicious media files. Telegram denies this vulnerability, but experts recommend disabling automatic media downloads as a precaution.

3. How does Toncoin's token distribution raise concerns?

Nearly 61% of Toncoin tokens are held by the top 10 holders, which may deter investors due to the lack of distribution. This concentration of ownership could potentially manipulate the market.

This article has been refined and enhanced by ChatGPT. 

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