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cryptocurrency widget, price, heatmap

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FAQ/What Is Market Capitalization?

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization

What Is Market Capitalization?

Cryptocurrency market capitalization (cryptocurrency market cap) is the total value of a certain digital asset (coin or token) that has been issued.

On COIN360’s heatmap, all cryptocurrencies are assigned blocks. The block sizes depend on the market cap of a particular coin or token. As the cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization, Bitcoin (BTC) has the biggest block on the heatmap.

Coin360 crypto heatmap: sort crypto by market cap & volume

Users of COIN360 can sort crypto by market cap and volume, change the size of the blocks on the heatmap by using filters, and track prices via customizable widgets.

Fact: The market сapitalization of a cryptocurrency is an important factor in assessing the attractiveness of the cryptocurrency for investment.

The higher the coin's ‘ceiling’, the lower its volatility. For example, to manipulate the rate of BTC, it is necessary to carry out billions of purchases on exchanges.

cryptocurrency widget, price, heatmap
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