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News/Ripple's Legal Win Boosts XRP Value, Sets Crypto Precedent

Ripple's Legal Win Boosts XRP Value, Sets Crypto Precedent

Jul 13 2023

10 months ago2 minutes read

Ripple's Landmark Triumph Against the SEC

Written by Van

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Ripple Labs chalked up a significant win against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in a lawsuit initiated in December 2020. The court decreed that Ripple's sale of XRP tokens didn't constitute an investment contract and hence, not a security.

In the suit, the SEC accused Ripple of unfairly amassing over $1.3 billion through the sale of XRP by categorizing it under securities. Nevertheless, the court pointed out that XRP's programmatic sales did not equate to investment contracts.

The court's ruling highlighted that institutional buyers who bought XRP directly from Ripple had rational expectations that their investment would elevate the XRP ecosystem and heighten the XRP value. 

Those partaking in "blind bid/ask transactions"—programmatic buyers who accounted for less than 1% of total XRP trading volumes—could not have determined if their payments benefitted Ripple or any other XRP seller.


This ruling furnishes needed regulatory clarity for the cryptocurrency industry and defines the legal status of XRP. However, the SEC might contradict the decision, signifying that the legal warfare may not be over yet.

This victory is crucial to Ripple, strengthening its stance that XRP is an authentic cryptocurrency utilized for cross-border payments and is not under SEC's supervision.

The court relied on the Howey test to determine if XRP sales were investment contracts, a major blow to the SEC's case. The verdict was that the SEC failed to demonstrate that XRP sales met the conditions for such contracts.

Ripple's legal tussle with the SEC has inflicted substantial harm to its business, leading to exchanges delisting XRP and causing its value to tumble. Despite this, the ruling is a notable victory for Ripple, who has consistently refuted the SEC's allegations, maintaining that XRP is a currency, not a security.

The favorable court ruling for Ripple has significantly impacted XRP’s price, soaring by over 27% within hours of the announcement. XRP reached a peak of $0.6472, an increase from its previous rate of around $0.473.


After the success of Ripple, CEO Brad Garlinghouse expressed his gratitude on Twitter and stated that they had previously mentioned being on the correct side of both history and the law in December 2020. 

He also thanked all those who contributed to this outcome and emphasized that this decision benefits cryptocurrency innovation in the United States. Additionally, he suggested planning a celebration.

Source: @bgarlinghouse/ Twitter

Ripple's Courtroom Victory Fuels Price Jump

Ripple's recent legal triumph played catalyst to a meteoric rise in XRP's market value. As of July 14, 2023, a staggering 70% increase has unfolded within a single day, with the price blossoming from $0.47 to $0.82. This uptick positions the recent surge as XRP's most significant within the last calendar year.


Simultaneously, the court ruling acted as a gut punch to the SEC’s "crypto crusade," potentially jeopardizing future regulatory actions against prominent crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase

Ripple Effect on XRP and Crypto Trading Platforms

Induced by Ripple's legal victory, a seismic shift was registered in XRP's 24-hour trade volume. Witnessing an 18-fold leap, it climbed from $613 million to $11.2 billion between July 13 and 14.

Prominent crypto exchange platforms, recognizing the favorable regulatory developments towards XRP, reconsidered their stance. Coinbase, Kraken, and moved toward relisting XRP, whereas exchange heavyweight Gemini dusted off previous reluctance and hinted at exploring XRP relisting.

Meanwhile, XRP's market capitalization gained momentum, peaking at $40.8 billion during the last 24 hours. With this, XRP solidified its position as the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. It now follows only the lead trio composed of Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and Tether USD (USDT).

Furthermore, the derivatives market registered growth, with the aggregate volume-weighted derivatives funding rates reaching the annual zenith at 0.014% globally. The open interest for XRP derivatives matches this ascend, currently lodged at $1.08 billion - its yearly peak.

Words of Caution

XRP after lawsuit win.webp

Despite the celebratory ambiance surrounding Ripple's win, David Schwartz, Ripple's Chief Technology Officer, aired a warning to investors. He cautioned about potential scams that might leverage the hype around XRP, adding that the court ruling bore no relationship with any airdrops, giveaways, or special offers.

Adding another note of caution, a few digital asset lawyers advised against premature celebrations. The partial summary judgment does not set a definitive precedent; Judge Torres’s ruling might serve merely as persuasive guidance for future courts.

Coupled with the possibility of the SEC appealing the decision, a higher court could potentially overturn the rulings issued by Torres. Additionally, Ripple must also navigate the SEC's accusation that CEO Brad Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsen "aided and abetted" the institutional sale of XRP.

SEC Reacts to Ripple Ruling

In its official response, the SEC expressed satisfaction with several aspects of the court's decision. The regulatory body embraced the court's concurrence with SEC's contention that the Howey test "dictates the securities analysis of crypto transactions".

Furthermore, the SEC cited the court's dismissal of Ripple’s defense, hinged on its interpretation of what constitutes an investment contract.


1. What does Ripple's legal win mean for the cryptocurrency industry?

Ripple's victory over the SEC sets a crucial precedent for the industry. It brings regulatory clarity, asserting that not all cryptocurrencies are securities and should be subject to respective rules and regulations.

2. How has the court ruling affected XRP's price?

The ruling significantly impacted XRP's price, causing it to surge by over 23% within hours. This affirms the influence of regulatory decisions on cryptocurrency prices.

3. What is the SEC's allegation against Ripple?

The SEC alleges that Ripple unlawfully raised more than $1.3 billion through the sale of XRP tokens. The agency claims that these should be classified as securities, and therefore, subject to its regulations.

4. How has Ripple responded to the SEC's allegations?

Ripple has consistently refuted SEC's allegations, claiming that XRP is not a security but a legitimate cryptocurrency used for cross-border payments. 

5. What happens if SEC appeals against the court's ruling?

An appeal against the ruling by the SEC might prolong the legal battle. It could potentially impact Ripple's operations and the overall perception of XRP on the cryptocurrency market.

Ripple's Legal Joust: A Key Unraveling Story

Ripple Labs' recent legal victory signals an important unfolding story within the crypto industry. The court's judgment, classifying XRP as a non-security when sold to general public buyers, fueled a dramatic surge in XRP's market price and trading volume. This has incentivized crypto exchanges to reconsider listing XRP.

Nevertheless, a degree of caution is required. The ruling, while in Ripple's favor, does not serve as a defining precedent and may face potential appeal by the SEC.

The complexities of this case reflect the persistent regulatory ambiguities within the crypto space, underscoring the necessity for transparent and uniform regulatory frameworks governing digital assets.

For a deep-dive into how Ripple's lawsuit victory might influence XRP's future prices, head over to our comprehensive analysis regarding XRP price predictions!

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