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Van Thanh Le

May 6 2024


8.4 / 10



Want secure & efficient crypto trading on Solana? Fluxbot review unveils its AI features, copy trading, competitive fees, & more. Is it right for you?



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User-friendly interface


Robust Security Measures


Competitive Fees



Lack of Certain Features

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Introduction to Fluxbot

Cryptocurrency trading can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. Enter Fluxbot, a revolutionary Solana-based Telegram tool designed to streamline your crypto transactions with unparalleled security and efficiency. 

Intrigued by the claim of being the "pioneering DEX" for hot new Solana token protocols, and backed by a grant from the Solana Foundation itself, I dove deeper to explore what Fluxbot has to offer. Is it truly the key to unlocking secure and efficient crypto trading on the Solana network? Let's find out.


Key Takeaways

Here’s a quick look at Fluxbot to help you decide if it's the right trading bot for your cryptocurrency ventures:

  • Feature-Rich Interface: Fluxbot packs a range of tools from token swaps with best price routing and real-time copy trading to AI-powered transaction optimization. Notably, it includes unique features like an AI assistant for transaction building and direct buying from pool notifications.

  • User-Friendly Setup: The setup process is straightforward, taking mere seconds to get started, complemented by a user-friendly interface ideal for newcomers.

  • Competitive Pricing: Charges a lower-than-average transaction fee of 0.75%, offering a cost-effective solution compared to other trading bots.

  • Security Measures: Employs a zero-knowledge policy to ensure user data security and integrates additional security layers via Telegram, enhancing user protection against unauthorized access.

  • Reliability and Performance: Demonstrates robust performance even during market volatility, with a substantial trading volume and user base, ensuring reliability and consistency.

  • Community and Support: Offers a supportive community and transparent reporting which facilitates learning and strategy optimization, particularly through its copy trading feature.

  • Areas for Improvement: The platform currently lacks an auto-sell feature and has faced some concerns regarding wallet security, which the team is actively addressing.

The Fluxbot Pool Sniper.

Fluxbot’s Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly Interface: Designed to be easy to use, making it suitable for newcomers to cryptocurrency trading.

  • Unique Features: Offers AI-assisted trading and unique features like copy trading, enhancing trading efficiency and accessibility.

  • Security Measures: Employs a zero-knowledge security protocol to enhance user privacy and reduce the risk of hacks.

  • Cost-effective Fees: Charges lower transaction fees compared to many other trading platforms, which can be financially beneficial for frequent traders.


  • Lack of Certain Features: Currently missing an auto-sell feature, which could limit trading strategy automation for users.

1. Key Features of Fluxbot's Telegram Bot

Let's dive into what makes Fluxbot tick:

Token SwapInstantly buy and sell tokens across Solana, including Token22, utilizing Jup.Ag for optimal swap routes to ensure the best price.
AI AssistantType your request, and the AI will build the optimal set of transactions for you.
Token SniperSnipe tokens as soon as they launch across FluxBeam and Raydium, including Token22, backed by RugCheck token verification.
Limit OrdersBuy and sell tokens at a specific price, executed with precision across all of Solana.
Dollar Cost AveragingBuy and sell tokens over a period of time.
Copy TraderCopy trade other wallets in real-time as they make trades across the Solana ecosystem.
Real-Time Pool Notifications + RugcheckStay informed with instant alerts on new pools, complete with Rugcheck risk scores. Dive into new pools right from notifications.
Direct Buying from Pool NotificationsDive into new pools with the latest notifications.
Lending and BorrowingLend or borrow to earn passive APR with the power of marginfi.

Perhaps the most unique features Fluxbot offers are its AI-powered assistance and lending/borrowing capabilities. In my experience with other bots, these functionalities are unheard of. While their effectiveness might depend on your trading experience, they open doors for algorithmic-based strategies and passive income generation.


2. Ease of Use and Setup Process

Fluxbot shines with its user-friendly interface, making it a great choice for cryptocurrency newcomers. Getting started is a snap, taking just seconds - I was up and running faster than it takes to make a cup of coffee! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Join the Party: Head over to Fluxbeam bot and hit "Start" or type /start in the chat window.
  2. Fund Your Wallet: Fluxbot generates a secure wallet for you, but you can also import your own for added flexibility (I did it with my BONKbot wallet). Just send at least 0.001 SOL to the provided address, and you're good to go. This added option for external wallets wasn't available until recently, making it more beginner-friendly.
  3. Trading Made Simple: Buying and selling tokens is a breeze. Navigate to the dedicated sections ("Buy Tokens" or "Sell Tokens") and follow the prompts. Fluxbot even lets you specify the amount of SOL to spend or the number of tokens to sell.
  4. AI-Powered Assistant (with a caveat): Fluxbot boasts an AI assistant that understands natural language commands. While this sounds fancy, I recommend caution. While it can handle basic trades like "Buy 5 USDC of mSOL," things can get dicey with memecoins or altcoins that share similar names. For these, it's always safer to enter the contract address directly to avoid any surprises.
ai assistance.png

3. Pricing and Subscription Options

Fluxbot's pricing model is refreshingly straightforward – a flat 0.75% fee is charged on all successful transactions. Compared to the average 1% fee charged by most popular trading bots, Fluxbot's fee structure is remarkably competitive. In fact, during my research, I found only a couple of bots that offered a slightly lower 0.8% fee, despite their fame within the crypto community.

For those willing to hold a minimum of 1,000 FLUXB tokens (Fluxbot's native token), there's an added incentive – reflections. These rewards are distributed every 12 hours and are proportional to each holder's share of the total FLUXB tokens held by eligible holders. The distribution pool comprises 40% of Fluxbot's fees and 50% of the FLUXB token taxes. Read more about it here.

4. Security and Privacy Features

Fluxbot prioritizes user security by employing a zero-knowledge approach. This means Fluxbot generates a wallet and private key for you, and crucially, doesn’t store them on their servers. This eliminates a single point of failure and reduces the risk of exchange-like hacks.

Telegram itself becomes an additional security layer. Users can set a pin code for transaction approvals and private key viewing within Telegram. While not foolproof, it adds a significant hurdle for unauthorized access, especially for casual phishing attempts. This multi-layered approach makes Fluxbot a compelling option for security-conscious crypto traders.


5. Platform Performance and Reliability

Fluxbot has established itself as a reliable and consistent performer in the crypto trading bot space. Even during periods of extreme volatility, when the markets are whipsawing and emotions are running high, Fluxbot has maintained impressive uptime, ensuring uninterrupted trading services for its users.

While detailed performance metrics are currently unavailable due to compatibility issues with Dune's analytics platform, we can rely on the insights provided by @whale_hunter's dashboard (albeit slightly outdated). According to this source, as of last month, Fluxbot had facilitated an impressive $34,447,449 in lifetime trading volume, serving a user base of 16,447 traders.


It's worth noting that the lack of up-to-date analytics is a temporary setback, as the Fluxbot team is actively working on developing a dedicated dashboard that will provide comprehensive insights into the platform's performance once Dune integrates support for the Token22 standard.

From personal experience, I can attest to Fluxbot's reliability during high-volatility periods. During the recent market turbulence, when other trading platforms were struggling to keep up, Fluxbot remained rock-solid, executing trades with lightning speed and minimal downtime. 

6. User Reviews and Community Feedback

As a Fluxbot user, I've had a generally positive experience with the platform. One aspect that truly stands out for me is the copytrading functionality. The detailed reporting after each copied transaction, including which wallet made the trade, the token bought, and the amount, has been invaluable in helping me track my copied positions with ease. Thanks to this transparency, I've been able to follow the moves of seasoned "OG memecoin traders" and capitalize on their expertise, generating some decent profits along the way.

One of the first tokens I bought using Fluxbot's copy trading feature.

Another feature that has really impressed me is the flexible selling options. Unlike some competitors like Unibot, which only allow you to sell when your copied trader exits their position entirely, Fluxbot lets you sell a percentage of your copied wallets' holdings or a fixed amount. This flexibility has been a game-changer, allowing me to mirror the gradual profit-taking strategies employed by the traders I follow.

While sniping isn't my primary focus, I've found Fluxbot's sniping capabilities to be quite reliable. Its failed transaction ratio is quite low, maybe higher than Banana Gun and Maestro, but pretty much the same as Unibot and Trojan when you set up the appropriate fees and slippage levels. The Fluxbot community has been incredibly helpful in this regard, readily sharing suggestions and best practices for optimal sniping setups.

If you're looking to trade a token that's paired with USDC or USDT, but your wallet only has SOL, I'd recommend having USDC/USDT ready first. The sniper bot can convert your SOL to USDC for you, which is smarter than some bots out there, but that will add a ~30-50ms delay. So having the USDC ready upfront will give you the lowest latency when it's time to place your trades.

buy usdc.png

On the other hand, Fluxbot's wallet management tools have been a real highlight for me. The ability to view token balances, initiate swaps, and access detailed analytics on inflow, outflow, transactions, and interacted entities – all within a streamlined interface – has been a game-changer for my portfolio management. I much prefer this approach to the often convoluted wallet management systems employed by other trading bots.

A quick screenshot of my new wallet in Fluxbot.

One area where Fluxbot could improve is the lack of an auto-sell feature. As someone who prefers a more hands-off approach, being able to automatically take profits once a specified gain threshold is reached would be a welcome addition. The team has acknowledged this shortcoming and is working on implementing an auto-sell feature in an upcoming upgrade, which I'm eagerly anticipating.

While I haven't personally experienced any issues with wallet draining, there have been reports from other users who have had their wallets compromised, despite not sharing private keys. This is concerning, and I would advise my readers to exercise caution and not deposit any funds they cannot afford to lose until the issue is resolved. If you encounter any problems, I recommend reaching out to the team directly via Telegram or Discord to get assistance.

Final Recommendations

Fluxbot shines with a user-friendly interface, AI features, and competitive fees. Its security is bolstered by a zero-knowledge approach and Telegram integration. While lacking auto-sell and with some reported wallet concerns, Fluxbot's strengths make it ideal for beginner and experienced traders seeking a feature-rich Telegram bot for their crypto transactions.

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